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 Shinigami Guidelines

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PostSubject: Shinigami Guidelines   Mon Apr 11, 2016 3:20 am

Shinigami: Shinigami are souls who act as guardians for other souls going through the circle of transmigration and humans being targeted by forces they cannot handle themselves. Since the ancient times, Shinigami have been known as "Balancers" because of their special purpose. All Shinigami have specific duties to follow. Medical tasks, simple jobs and incredibly difficult missions assigned by the Central 46. 

It is their top priority to eliminate and purify Hollows committing heinous and evil acts in the World of the Living, where human beings reside. In addition to this, the safe crossing of souls who have lost their way after death, known as "Pluses", is yet another job that Shinigami must tend to. Failure to commit to these duties would lead to trials hosted by the Captain Commander of the Gotei 13, or even the Central 46 Council. The exact punishment, if any, can vary depending on who is in power of the trial.

These unearthly beings of the Spirit World are teams of souls capable of utilizing power beyond that of any natural being. They possess varying levels of Reiatsu and Reiryoku beyond that of humans and other creatures alike. Those who are spiritually unaware either have an incredibly hard time noticing that there is one near them, or they are completely oblivious to their existence. 

It is possible for souls to gain the abilities of a Shinigami if they have exceptional spiritual energy and train their bodies considerably. For those who display talent in their honing of skills, it is possible to join the forces of the Gotei 13 or the  Onmitsukidō. And, if their powers and abilities are great enough, it may be possible for the souls to try for positions of leadership within the organizations and lead units in divisions of their own.

Longevity: Due to a different rule of logic and such, Shinigami do not appear to age the same as ordinary humans. When it comes to putting down your character's age, should it be a Shinigami, that character can be above the age of 100 years. Even then, they would still possess youthful features. By the time they reach 500 and beyond, signs of aging would certainly make themselves known.

Zanpakutou: All Shinigami, no matter which Noble House they belong to, have a Zanpakutou in their possession. This is their weapon for combat, but have the choice of resorting to other methods should they wish to keep their true powers concealed. Zanpakutou always take the form of a type of blade; katana, wakizashi, nodachi, and so on. Low-ranking Shinigami usually have Asauchi, for they have not yet accomplished the training necessary to awaken their powers. 

  • Physical Manifestation: After much communication with the Zanpakutou's spirit, the holder of that weapon is capable of manifesting it before their very eyes. To be able to perform the physical manifestation, one must have achieved at least Shikai and complete a minimum of 500 word count.
  • Communication: It is possible for a Shinigami to communicate with their Zanpakutou. By performing an act of meditation where their minds are focused entirely on their Zanpakutou, it becomes possible to speak with it directly in their Inner World. To learn how to communicate with the spirit, one must complete a minimum of 500 words.
  • Disguised Form: Disguising a Zanpakutou makes it much easier to conceal while it is in the possession of its master. The most common forms of disguises is the form of a cane. To learn how to disguise a Zanpakutou, one must complete a minimum of 300 word count.

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PostSubject: Re: Shinigami Guidelines   Wed Apr 13, 2016 3:42 am

Shunkō: This advanced technique utilizes both the physical techniques of Hakuda and the spell-based techniques of Kidō. Because of this, it is known as a hybrid of sorts that requires great levels of power to control. And, it comes in various elemental forms, depending on the user. This powerful technique is focused through the arms and legs, making it easier to control, while the back acts as a vent. 

  • Offensive Use: Those who can utilize this technique in combat are capable of using it for more offensive means. These explosive and devastating attacks are capable of inflicting deep wounds and knocking the target back several meters, should they be hit by a wave of its power. It is also possible to destroy armor and portions of the surroundings.
  • Defensive Use: When used for defensive means, Shunkō does incredibly well and provides excellent protection for your body. If it is focused in one particular area on the body, damage from attacks is reduced

How to Learn: To learn this technique, one must have at least High Spiritual Power and be at an Expert Level in these areas: Hakuda and Kidō. Once at that point, it is possible to move onto the next step for learning it. Read below for a full briefing of the requirements.


  • High Spiritual Power and up.
  • Expert-Level in Kidō and Hakuda.

Learning: 5000 words | 10000 yen payment
Stage 1: 6000 words | 11000 yen payment
Stage 2: 7000 words | 12000 yen payment
Stage 3: 8000 words | 13000 yen payment
Mastered: 9000 words | 15000 yen payment

Energy Costs:
Stage 1: 15 energy | -5 energy per maintained turn
Stage 2: 25 energy | -10 energy per maintained turn
Stage 3: 30 energy | -15 energy per maintained turn
Mastered: 40 energy | -20 energy per maintained turn

Damage and Range Information:
Stage 1: The first stage of Shunkō inflicts 1.5 - 2 inch wounds and lacerations. Ranged attacks are capable of reaching 20 meters and can knock the target back 15 meters.
Stage 2: The second stage of Shunkō inflicts 2.5 - 3 inch wounds and lacerations. Ranged attacks are capable of reaching 30 meters and can knock the target back 30 meters.
Stage 3: The second stage of Shunkō is capable of piercing through the target or shattering bones. Ranged attacks are capable of reaching 40 meters and can knock the target back 45 meters.
Mastered: The final stage of Shunkō is capable of obliterating the target and turning their bones to dust. Ranged attacks are capable of reaching 50 meters and can knock the target back 50 meters.

Stage 1: 20-25 m/s
Stage 2: 30-35 m/s
Stage 3: 40-45 m/s
Mastered: 50-70 m/s

Stage 1: 6 posts
Stage 2: 7 posts
Stage 3: 8 posts
Mastered: 10 posts

Drawbacks: An ability as powerful as this does not come without a penalty to the user. Because of the great deal of strain this has on the user, they suffer a -2 to all stats and can only regain their full strange at the end of the thread where this technique is used. So, if all of my stats are at Tier 5, they'd be reduced to Tier 3 of whichever rank, and the lost power cannot be regained until I exit the thread.

Shunkō Template:
Shunkō Name: {The full name of your technique.}
Shunkō Element: {i.e. lightning, wind, fire...}
Description: {A full description of what your technique can do, it's effects, and what it looks like.}

[b]Shunkō Name[/b]:
[b]Shunkō Element[/b]:

Something you may want to keep in mind when you have achieved Shunkō. You are granted 4 slots for custom abilities revolving around the technique. Be sure to include all necessary information. These abilities don't need to be paid for, but all require 3000 words to learn. 

And, one more thing, Shunkō CANNOT be taught to anyone below the already specified standards.
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Shinigami Guidelines
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