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 Division Zero Guidelines

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PostSubject: Division Zero Guidelines   Wed Apr 13, 2016 5:51 pm

Division Zero: Also known as the "Royal Guard". This special division is hardly known by anyone, even the Gotei 13, giving their air of secrecy a new meaning. The Royal Guard is a special organization that performs services for the Royal Family. It has a considerable amount of fighting, organizational, and executive power compared to other organizations. They are also charged with slaying Menos, though the circumstances under which they do so are unknown. They are known to do whatever is required by order of the Soul King.

The Royal Guard's authority supersedes the authority of all within Soul Society. Each member of the Royal Guard have had the power of the Ōken imparted onto their bones by the Soul King. They also each have a city of their own at the Soul King Palace.


  • Protecting the Soul King.
  • Protecting the Royal Family.
  • Protecting the Royal Palace.
  • Slaying Menos class Hollows and major threats to the Royal Palace and Soul King.

Transportation: The Royal Guard commonly stays within the Soul King Palace, but when they do travel, their preferred method of transportation is a huge pillar called the Tenchūren. This pillar enters from the inner dimension and lands with significant force upon its arrival. A member of the division  can use the ability to open a portal within the Soul King Palace that can send someone directly to the Human World. Someone can be returned to the Soul King Palace if the Chōkaimon is opened, but it can only be opened by syncing the arrival and departure times. They are able to take stairs down to the Seireitei, though it will take anywhere from half a day to a week of travel to get there (7 posts for a travel thread to any location).

How to Join: It is only possible for Captains to become Division Zero members, who must complete a set of conditions. Once all conditions have been met, it is possible for the Captain, who has fulfilled them, to become a member.

  • Immense Spiritual Power or greater.
  • Expert-Level skill in all specialties; Hakuda, Zanjutsu, Kidou, Hohou.
  • All stats are capped at Tier 4 of Rank 4.
  • Shikai is mastered and Bankai is at least Stage 1.

Division Zero Members:

  • Guard Commander: -
    Former Division: -
    Title: -
  • Guard Second-in-Command: -
    Former Division: -
    Title: -
  • Guard Member: -
    Former Division: -
    Title: -
  • Guard Member: -
    Former Division: -
    Title: -
  • Guard Member: -
    Former Division: -
    Title: -

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Division Zero Guidelines
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