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Hey everyone, guests and mostly nonexistent members, this is your Admin speaking. I'd like to inform you all that I am looking for those who possess coding skills that can get this community looking great! Graphic Artists are welcome, too. Anyone who would be willing to help out will receive a generous IC reward. Speak to me for more information regarding that, please! Have a nice day!

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 Hollow/Arrancar Template

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Kirito Gekko

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PostSubject: Hollow/Arrancar Template   Sat Apr 16, 2016 6:32 pm

~Hollow Character Template~

{Face Claim Image}

-Basic Information-

Name: {Last Name, First Name}
Alias: {Special title your character might have. N/A if none.}
Gender: {Male or Female}
True Age: {Approximate age of your character. 12-1000+}
Age Appearance: {The age your character looks like they are.}
Birth Date: {When their birthday is. Month and day.}
Sexual Orientation: {Bisexual, Heterosexual, Homosexual, Asexual, or Pansexual.}

Fraccion: {1-10}

-Personality Information-

Personality: {How your character acts and behaves. Minimum of 200 word count.}
Likes: {What your character is fond of. Minimum of 100 word count.}
Dislikes: {What your character finds distasteful or detestable. Minimum of 100 word count.}
Motivations: {What inspires your character to do what they do. Minimum of 100 word count.}
Fears: {What your character is afraid of. Minimum of 100 word count.}

-Appearance Information-

Height: {Self-Explanatory.}
Weight: {Self-Explanatory.}
Hair: {Self-Explanatory.}
Eyes: {Self-Explanatory.}
General Appearance: {What your character wears, their build, and etc. Minimum of 200 word count.}

-Combat Information-

Reiatsu Color: {Self-Explanatory.}

Resurrecion Name: {What your Zanpakutou is called.}

Resurrecion Name: {What your Zanpakutou's Shikai is called. Typically the same as the Zanpakutou's initial name.}
Resurrecion Release Command: {Phrase spoken to activate Shikai.}
Resurrecion Appearance: {Changes to the Zanpakutou's form upon Shikai activation. Minimum of 100 words.}

Passive Ability: {Ability inherited from Noble House. Copy and paste the name and description found with the House to fill out this field.}

Spiritual Power: {Default is Basic Spiritual Power, unless given special permission by an Admin.}

-Background Information-

History: {A detailed history telling about where your character comes from and how they became who they are now. Experiments and such can only effect the character cosmetically. Minimum of 400 words.}

RP Sample: {A sample of how you RP. Must be relating to the character you are using and cannot come from other sites. Minimum of 200 words.}

Character Face Claim: {Name of who you used to represent your character and where they are from. Cannot be a canon character.}
Resurrecion Face Claim: {Name of who you used to represent your Resurrecion's appearance and where they are from. Cannot be a canon character.}
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Hollow/Arrancar Template
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