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Hey everyone, guests and mostly nonexistent members, this is your Admin speaking. I'd like to inform you all that I am looking for those who possess coding skills that can get this community looking great! Graphic Artists are welcome, too. Anyone who would be willing to help out will receive a generous IC reward. Speak to me for more information regarding that, please! Have a nice day!

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 Lower Noble House Template

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PostSubject: Lower Noble House Template   Wed Apr 13, 2016 8:10 pm

House Symbol: {Symbol representing the Family.}

Noble House Name: {Name of the Family.}

Parent House: {One of the Greater Noble Houses that this family branched from.}

Noble House History: {A detailed description about what this family is about.}

Division Affiliation: {Which of the Gotei 13 divisions this Noble House has connections with.}

Passive Ability: {One technique that is passed through the members of this family.}

PA Description: {A detailed description about what the passive ability is and what it does for its members.}

Drawbacks: {All drawbacks and weaknesses that the members are inflicted with due to being in this House.}

Notable Members: {A small list of the most influential members in this Noble House, their title, and living status.}
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Lower Noble House Template
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