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Hey everyone, guests and mostly nonexistent members, this is your Admin speaking. I'd like to inform you all that I am looking for those who possess coding skills that can get this community looking great! Graphic Artists are welcome, too. Anyone who would be willing to help out will receive a generous IC reward. Speak to me for more information regarding that, please! Have a nice day!

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 Noctis Caelum

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PostSubject: Noctis Caelum   Wed Apr 13, 2016 7:23 pm

Name: Noctis Caelum
Alias: Nox
Gender: Male
True Age: 473
Age Appearance: Late teens
Birth Date: Unsure for he was never told
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Personality: Bold, courageous, loyal, brave all are words people use on a daily basis to describe the Shinigami, but these words are far from what anyone would think when they met Noctis. He often smiles to his enemies, grimaces towards his allies and hates debates that take longer than but a few minutes of his time. Lying is something that comes with ease to him, allowing him to keep information of high value to himself while spinning a tale to keep those who want such information busy for some time. Brash, eccentric with a paramount disregard for rules and regulations, Noctis lives by is own rules, and though he often pays the price for it, he never stops enjoying the game he plays on a daily basis.

Likes: There are few things Noctis loves in life, besides the orange glow of a perfect sunset, the red spray across a wall upon splitting a person in two, and alcohol, since discovering such a powerful beverage, he became hooked immediately though not enough that it affects how he appears in others company, he simply cannot go to bed without first having a cup or two of whatever he can find.

Dislikes: Have you ever met one of those people who have met a higher ranking person than themselves? The kind that would do anything for them just to get in their good books? What they do can often be pretty small, such as simply sending a message to someone, giving another an order on their behalf or making a cup of tea for them should it be demanded of such a person, but no matter how big or small their deeds, Noctis felt the same about each one of them for even just a second in their presence was enough to have his teeth grinding in equal amounts of annoyance and anger towards the person. Apart from that, he has very few hates in life, hardly being an ideal role model, he can't hate the same things as others such as lying, stealing and general misconduct.

Motivations: Power is one thing a lot of people fight over regularly, as far back as the histories go kings, emporers and other such people have fought for that exact thing. Each incident ending in one guys death and another's victory and to the victor goes the spoils in each case, having earned respect, loyalty, riches which all equal to the word power when thrown together. Noctis has no such desires in his life, for looking for power can be an easy way to an early grave. Knowledge is what drives him, figuring the wonders and curiosities of the world around him which then shape and mold his mind to adapt to particular situations and scenarios.

Fears: When he was younger his Father had beaten his Mother into the ground on an almost nightly basis, going to a tavern or inn one can see the women who merely work there being beaten for having refused a man's bed. Those who often find themselves on the oncoming side of the fist wind up with no one to confide in, all those they once called friends deserted them soon after for fear of receiving the same punishment, resulting in the person suffering in silence for the remainder of their days. Spiders and other creepy crawlies can be found in abundance if you know where to look. Normally they go about their business without affecting anyone elses but the fact they are there is enough to make a grown man cry for their appearance alone is generally revolting. From this, Noctis is fearful of three things: Causing harm to an innocent either on purpose or by mistake, being alone for an unmeasurable amount of time and the fear of all things creepy and/crawly.

Height: 6 foot (182cm)
Weight: 11 stone (69.8kg)
Hair: spikey black
Eyes: blue
General Appearance:

Noctis, not being one to stick to rules, doesn't follow the common dress code for Shinigami, he doesn't think it beneath him to look like the others, he merely sees it as a way to crush someone's individuality. During his time at the Academy, he will often wear the correct uniform due to being more motivated to become a Shinigami though once his training is complete, he will wear his own garments. His Zanpakuto, a large Katana, normally meant for two hands is strapped to his back  by three leather segments each linked to a steel ring just below his right collar bone. Upon gaining office Noctis shall have the badge sewn into the forearm section of his left glove to show with ease his rank, while upon gaining Captaincy he will have the Squad signet sewn into the place his Officers Badge once took and into the back of his jacket. During the enhanced stages of combat his eyes change to the colour of red, as his adrenaline begins to pump.

Reiatsu Color: Electric blue

Zanpakutou Name:
Zanpakutou Spirit Appearance: {A general description of what your Zanpakutou's spirit looks like. Minimum of 200 words and an image-- either linked to a word or put in a spoiler.}
Inner World: {What your Zanpakutou's world looks like. Minimum of 200 words and/or an image.}
Sealed Zanpakutou Form: {A brief description about what your Zanpakutou initially looks like. Minimum of 100 words.}

Shikai Name: {What your Zanpakutou's Shikai is called. Typically the same as the Zanpakutou's initial name.}
Shikai Release Command: {Phrase spoken to activate Shikai.}
Shikai Appearance: {Changes to the Zanpakutou's form upon Shikai activation. Minimum of 100 words.}

Bankai Name: {What your Zanpakutou's Bankai is called.}
Bankai Release Command: {Phrase spoken to activate Bankai.}
Bankai Appearance: {Changes to the Zanpakutou's form upon Bankai activation. Minimum of 100 words.}

Passive Ability: {Ability inherited from Noble House. Copy and paste the name and description found with the House to fill out this field.}

Spiritual Power: Basic Spiritual Power.
Kidou Skill: Practitioner
Zanjutsu Skill: Practitioner
Houhou Skill: Practitioner
Hakuda Skill: Practitioner
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PostSubject: Re: Noctis Caelum   Wed Apr 13, 2016 9:07 pm

Zan info to be added at a later period

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Noctis Caelum
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